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Goldstar Compact Fluorescent Light: Hand Held Lantern    Goldstar Lantern System includes: Goldstar complete light Handle Battery in sleeve Automatic charge system all compatable connections *optional 120 volt A.C. wall cube Ni-Cad or Ni-mh battery types that range from 6 volts D.C. thru 10 volts D.C. are used. Low voltage inputs require lower wattage for cfl bulbs to "plasma or ionize". All you need is a connection to 12 to 14 volts D.C. The "buck" step down charger does the rest. You get hundreds of recharges before battery replacement.

   Goldstar Lantern System rewards you with a life time of portable bright light, in fact 4 to 5 times that amount of glowing filament bulbs. Goldstars cost is out weighed by the savings of electricity stored and used. Interchange 5,7, or 9 watt fluorescent bulbs of different degrees kelvin temperature to optimize your light. Goldstar #53450 stops producing light at 3.8 volts D.C. @ .6 amps =2.28 watts!

   Keep input leads- red to positive, black to negative- or have a 3 amp blocking diode in series with either input wire. IMPORTANT TIP: Automatic charger "looks" at the ni-cad or ni-mh battery to see a minimum to start voltage (approx 6.5 volts D.C.) if yes then it charges till it knows to quit. If no- it blinks solution: take your known good series string of 5 x 1.4 volt cells and lightly tap or brush the wires of the battery to raise the surface woltage which tricks the auto charger into conduction and that "perfect" charge that it knows. Click here for more lighting products.
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