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Goldstar Compact Fluorescent Light    The Goldstar light is a hand built, high quality product. It has a life-time warranty and is competitively priced. Goldstars are push/pull two-transistor oscillators (operating at 18 KHZ) which maximize lumen output of modern compact fluorescent bulb phosphors in sizes 5 thru 26 watt. Compact fluorescents, available in many interchangeable kelvin temperatures, output between 4 and 5 times the amount of lumens, given the same amount of current consumption, compared to incandescent filaments. I invite professional lighting specifiers, engineers and installers to become dealer/distributers.

   Goldstar Operation Tips: Red wire to positive!! Black wire to negative!! Diode can be jumpered (shunted) and bypassed. Goldstars are capable of operating 5, 7, 9 and 13 watt bulbs. The fuse is 5 amp - leave it permanently in the circuit. Always have a bulb plugged in. Goldstar makes a perfect sinewave @ 18 KHZ, so your bulb should last for years. It takes greater voltage to start the "arc" of the 13 watt bulb. Press the turbo button and touch the bulb with fingers. Your same light if fitted with a 9, 7, or 5 watt bulb would always start and run on 12 VDC without this turbo/touch interaction. If you use this same light as a lantern by using an energy-miser 5 watt bulb, you can start on 6 Volts and run it down to 4 VDC.

   To make a long story short: If I wound the voltage-increasing transformer to bang on the 13 watt, the 5 and 7 watt sizes would be "overdriven" and burn too brightly. Use this light without a lens cover; this way it gives off more light, runs cooler, and lasts longer. Do the things that I've suggested and this light will last you my lifetime! If it breaks (except for the bulb) send it to me with round trip postage; I'll repair or replace it free. Click here for more lighting products.
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